Welcome to the best and most economical study aid for the IRS Special Enrollment Examination (SEE), more commonly known as the EA Exam or the Treasury Card Exam.
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The exam is given periodically in at least one site in every state.

Score a knockout on the SEE with the one-two punch of FASTAX and eaReview! Now, order the FASTAX Study Guide on CD, along with the Arthur EA Review Home Study Course! That's the complete FASTAX CD and Arthur EA Review book for one price!

For those who prefer a book format, FASTAX wholeheartedly recommends Arthur EAReview as the best product available.

Be prepared!

FASTAX 2010 is available and has been updated to the 2009 tax law and reformatted into five blocks of 300 questions with 100 questions corresponding to Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the new exam.

FASTAX is dedicated to remaining the best and most economical study guide for the SEE.


As an Enrolled Agent, you can provide better and more comprehensive service to your clients. You'll be able to represent them before all Divisions of the IRS. In this respect, Enrolled Agents have the same standing as attorneys, certified public accountants and enrolled actuaries. 

Simply put,the FASTAX Study Guide enables you to use the actual questions from the past examinations administered by the IRS and new questions generated by FASTAX based on the new list of topics to gain the knowledge you need to pass with flying colors. You'll see the correct answer to each question (1500 in all), a detailed explanation of the answer, and a reference to an IRS publication or the Internal Revenue Code. You can simulate actual examination conditions and learn your score on each part. Or you can read a question, select an answer, and see the correct answer and explanation at once for immediate feedback.
Your score is still available as well.

A powerful feature of the FASTAX Study Guide is the capability of selecting one of more than eighty topic areas and seeing all of the questions relating to that topic in succession. If you'd like something on paper, you can also print individual or groups of questions for further study. By printing to a 'file', you can create a document that can be accessed by your word processor. You can use the word processor's "find and replace" feature to search for key words and phrases.

Experience the well deserved feeling of passing a difficult examination and attaining a worthwhile goal. The FASTAX Study Guide is the best and most economical study aid you can buy to prepare for the examination.

"I used FASTAX, and it helped me to pass the examination. I received my scores today, This was my first try at this exam, and your tutorial was the key to my passing this exam. I want to thank you for this. Tomorrow I will send my application and check to the IRS."
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